History of the Mobile Phone

Posted on May 29 2014 - 6:01am by Glenn
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Mobile Phone technology is changing at an alarming pace, as companies compete in offering better faster products, but do you remember how this race all started?

In February, Molinari Caffe presents Like/Share: Cell Phone Photography, an exhibition of images captured on the fly with cell phone and various apps. Ann Trinca curates the show of works by Courtney McCutcheon, Michael Cuffe, Nicole Bruce, Matthew McClure and Robb McDonough.

A reception is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 1 from 7-8 p.m. at 815 Main St, Napa.

According to Trinca, an estimated 4,000 photos per second are snapped with smartphones in the U.S. Always a fan of the democratization of art, Trinca says the mobile device has redefined the medium and what it means to be a photographer.

The best thing about cellphone photography is how it has made us all more intensely aware of our surroundings, Trinca said. The best photographers are seeing every moment as a potential still image. Now that disease has spread to the masses, and every waking moment is a museum.

I also love that the tech world has so seamlessly integrated with the art world through these devices. Its a whole-brain art form.

For this exhibition, she has invited photographers she knows mostly from their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Some, like Michael Cuffe (@mikecuffe) and Robb McDonough (robbswork.tumblr.com), are dedicated to capturing the scenery of the Napa Valley. Cuffe has founded a documagazine @CailforniasNapaValley, which has 18,646 followers.

Nicole Bruce is a professional lifestyle photographer who uses Instagram to document her own memories and for her blog.

I am excited to see how all their images will present themselves as prints rather than on the screen, Trinca said. We are bombarded with countless images daily. It will be a real treat to be able to stop and absorb them properly for once. More info on Like/Share: Cell Phone Photography can be found at: latrinca.tumblr.com.

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