Epson Expression Premium XP-510 review

Posted on Jun 25 2014 - 12:18pm by SlateAiro
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The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 is an all-in-one inkjet printer. Usually, such printers can range from entry level devices to high end business printers. The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 falls somewhere in the middle; it is can be classified as a student and family printer. Let us take a closer look at the printer from a range of different aspects:

1. The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 Design:

One of the best qualities of the Epson Expression Premium XP-510 is that it is much smaller than most of its competitors which usually take up more space. This, on the other hand, can fit in easily on a small desk or alternatively, take up really little space on the larger computer desk.

The control system of the Epson Expression Premium XP-510 is simple and straight-forward. One criticism of the printer would be its really small 3.7 centimeters LCD screen. Not only does it reduce the possibilities of the amount of information that can be displayed to the user, it also makes the product come across as a little cheap and less sophisticated than it could have with a slightly larger screen size. Nonetheless, it displays sharp visualizations of text and numbers which can be read easily in spite of their miniature size. The manufacturer has used their colors effectively, putting them to good use. The printer features a four-button navigation system and also buttons that can be pressed to start and stop tasks and a separate button to jump to the home screen. The printer’s paper cassette can hold up to a 100 pages at any particular moment, which really isn’t that many, by the way. FBA Amazon Leads

2. The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 Installations and Connections:

The back of the printer features a USB port which is the provision of the only cabled connection of the printer. There is also the provision of wireless connectivity via AirPrint, Google Cloud and Wi-Fi Direct. There is also Epson Connect, which allows ePrinting, that is to say, printing through e-mail. The cartridges can be accessed by opening the scanner section. It is very easy to change and install cartridges.

In terms of software, there is Event Manager, Easy Photo Print, and Epson Scan. That is not a lot, but it works.

3. The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 Print Speeds:

According to what it claims, the Epson Expression Premium XP-510 can print up to 9.5 pages per minute for black pages and 9 pages per minute when it comes to color pages. However, when tested, 5 – page printing test demonstrated a speed of 6.8 pages per minute, while a 20 – page printing test resulted a speed of 7.9 pages per minute. Although not too far off the claimed speed, these speeds are not too close either. Duplex printing speed was also tested. The test was based on a 20 – page document with 10 pages; a total of 20 sides. This test displayed a speed of 4.3 sides per minute. Printing a single page took 36 seconds and printing 15 x 10 centimeter pictures at Best Photo Quality took 1 minute and 7 seconds. These tests are either better or on par with the average print speeds of printers of the Epson Expression Premium XP-510′s class.

4. The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 Print Quality:

The print quality varies from one color setting to another. Although the colors are bright and black text on color fill is reasonably good, the black texts in general, on normal text printouts, lack a little sharpness. Also, color copies lose some sharpness. Photo prints, however, are sharp and of great quality although dark shades have the tendency to become black, resulting in some loss of detail. Overall, print quality is average compared with other devices of this class.

5. The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 Print Costs:

The printing costs are higher than rival printers’. Page costs are about 3.4p per black page and 11.7p per color page. Particularly, color printouts cost a lot more than the average. Based on this, the printer should only be purchased if a cheaper source of cartridges can be found to compensate for the extra cost per printout, especially the color printouts. This argument is specifically valid when the Epson Expression Premium XP-510 is compared to other good printers such as the HP Photosmart 7520 and the Brother MFC-J870DW, both of which cost less per printout.

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