5 Free Android Games That Stay Installed on My Phone

Posted on Jun 24 2014 - 12:15pm by SlateAiro
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Leading mobile phones and tablets like Samsung, HTC and Sony are supported with android operating system these days. While the basic functions of all these touch-based devices remain the same, people are attracted by the various games that the platform has to offer. Users can tilt, tap, turn and touch through the games. Considering the humongous number of games that are available to download on android devices, people tend to download only the very popular ones, those that are enlisted in the top 25 or 50. But these popular games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Cut the rope, Fruit ninja or even Minion Rush eventually lose their edge. They keep the user interested for the first few weeks but then get deleted anyways. However, there are games in the play store that are not so popular, but interesting enough to never get deleted. Some such games have been listed below:
This is a word game where one has to find words in a cube of jumbled letters. It is found in the brain and puzzle section of Google play. Its interface is a lot like the word game Boggle.
Robo Defense
This is a popular game but users never complain of being tired of it. They continue to play the defense game for months. It is made more interesting with the addition of power ups and achievements. Many people described the game as the best defense game there is and said that they keep clicking the ‘play again’ option.
Bubble Pop
When bored, this game is a good choice. The player just has to match the color of the balls. As you level up, new colors are added and it gets a little harder.
Friction Mobile
Friction Mobile is an addictive but difficult game. Once players start playing, they do not want to stop. The game reminds some people of the ‘snake’ game that was preinstalled in old nokia phones.
This is a lot like the game Qix. In the game, the player tries to steal screen real estate from the computer. When he has 75% of the screen, he will level up. The sound effect, design and the overall game play are all good.
This retro style tank game is not known to many people, but it is addictive. Its design is similar to known games Tron and Combat. In the free version, player can only shoot one at a time while the paid version allows multiple simultaneous shooting. It is definitely worth the upgrade. Actions like cutting through the enemies and stone walls pumping round after round into them are captivating. One level takes only about two minutes to play but you will want to keep playing the next one.
If you bought a new android phone, or if you are becoming bored of the one you have already, download these games. You will have such a great time that you will not keep you phone away.

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